(Effective 2020 OCT 20)

By connecting to the Fuel Rats IRC network, you agree to abide by the following rules. If you break any of the following rules, you may find yourself banned from the Fuel Rats IRC network and all our other services. If you do not agree, simply disconnect from the network and do not reconnect.

Your connection to this network is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to take action against anything we find to be offensive or harmful to the network and to the mischief as a whole.

If you need to contact an administrator email ops@fuelrats.com.

Don't be an asshat - DerryBear

Age requirement

You must be 13 years or older to use the Fuel Rats IRC network, whether as a guest or as a registered user.

General conduct

The IRC channels are provided for the purpose of rescues, and to provide a safe, friendly, and inviting place to hang out. Strive to be a positive influence in the community when it comes to choosing topics.

Do not send messages which are hateful, intimidating, demeaning, or threatening. Do not issue personal attacks, harshly swear, or say anything crudely offensive. Under no circumstance is it acceptable to promote harm onto others.

Do not harass or stalk other members. Harassment includes, but is not limited to; bullying, repeated threats, unsolicited sexual remarks, pejorative labels, posting false statements as fact aimed at discrediting or humiliating a targeted person, or repeatedly making contact with a person who has said they want no further contact with the sender.

You may not use any language defined as Hate Speech, which includes, but is not limited to, text or actions that are demeaning in any manner, harmful, or an attack on religion, race, species, personal values, person, gender, or sexual orientation.

You must not impersonate, or attempt to impersonate, other users, Frontier employees, or law enforcement agencies.

You may not share or post content of a lewd, obscene or sexual nature, on any channel, for any reason.

Do not distribute cheats or encourage cheating, links to instructions on how to cheat, or share exploit information about Elite: Dangerous or any of its affiliated products. All behaviour defined by the Elite Dangerous Terms of Service as cheating falls under this rule, including combat logging.

Do not ask for Personally Identifiable Information (P.I.I) from another user. Do not, under any circumstance, distribute P.I.I of another user. Be thoughtful when sharing your own personal information with others online. Do so only with those you trust with the information you’re giving them.
P.I.I includes, but is not limited to: Full name, home address, Email address, any form of government issued identification number, credit cards, telephone numbers, and passwords.

You must not give out or promote information that you know is false or misleading. Do not encourage others to break the Terms of Service or trigger automatic moderation tools.

Please avoid being disruptive to the channel, avoid constantly writing in capital letters, spamming IRC colours, and speak English when possible.

False Rescues

Do not request a rescue without being in a situation where you believe you are stranded and in need of help. Do not be involved in or help set up an ambush against rats. Do not deliberately run out of fuel in order to cause a rescue situation. The Fuel Rats have limited available personnel at any given time and spurious cases deplete those resources away from those in actual need.

If you wish to arrange a mock rescue with the Fuel Rats to get an understanding of how we work, please contact us about it via our chat channel instead.

Member Conduct

Do not share information obtained from Fuel Rats systems or channels or use it to make unsolicited contact with clients or other members.

Be respectful to clients of the Fuel Rats. Do not mock, ridicule or deride clients either publicly, in private channels, or in third party forums or messaging platforms.

Do not interject in the rescue channel or modify cases without the approval of the current dispatch, and do not otherwise interfere in active rescues, drills, or training. Many may welcome advice on how to improve their efforts, but you are not to message others with unsolicited criticism of their performance unless you are in a role where this would be appropriate.

If you have major concerns that the dispatching, ratting, or overseeing of another rat is problematic, you may contact a moderator.

When on a rescue you should: follow the Fuel Rats standard operating procedures, refuse to engage in combat with other players, and never violate, or attempt to violate, the Elite: Dangerous Terms of Service in any way. This includes combat logging.

Being a Fuel Rat does not carry any special privilege or protection while on duty. Some players, however, may choose to not interfere when a Fuel Rat is on a rescue. This means that although you are free to state that you are on an active rescue if a player interferes with one, you should not expect special privilege for that reason. It is strictly forbidden to claim to be on a rescue while not actually being assigned to a case. Doing so may lead to repercussions to your membership in the Fuel Rats.

Evasion of a ban

If you are banned from a channel or the network, your only recourse is to appeal your ban to the moderator team. Attempting to circumvent such a ban by changing username, IP address, or using proxies is termed as ban evasion. If you repeatedly evade a ban (or bans), you will be permanently banned from the Fuel Rats IRC network and you may be reported to your Internet Service Provider for abuse.

You may not, by any means, assist or facilitate banned users in directly interacting with other users through the Fuel Rats IRC network. This includes, but is not limited to, providing proxies or relay bots for the use of banned users.

If you find yourself banned from the Fuel Rats IRC network, you may appeal by emailing ops@fuelrats.com

Network disruption

You must not attempt to disrupt the IRC servers, services or the servers they run on, including but not limited to DDoS attacks, attempts to gain privileges, flooding or otherwise interfering with the service(s).

Do not bring in bots or enable auto-responding scripts without permission from network administrators. All bots not accepted unanimously by the network administrators are considered non-friendly and are not allowed.

Illegal Activities

The rules of the offline world do apply to the online world, and all illegal activities are prohibited on the Fuel Rats IRC network.

Illegal behavior includes, but is not limited to, file sharing of copyrighted or protected content; distribution of child porn; hacking or cracking; attempting to exploit another user or computer; credit card fraud or trading; and botnet or spambot control channels.


Advertising is only allowed on a per-case basis by the moderation team. You may not otherwise use The Fuel Rats IRC network services to advertise, promote or solicit any business, product, event or service, free or otherwise.